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About Dhanaula

Dhanaula is a small yet prominent city of the Indian state of Punjab. It is known for its religious and historical importance. The city functions as a Municipal Council under the jurisdiction of Barnala Tehsil of Barnala District, which was curved out of Sangrur district in the year 2006. Located at a distance of 12 km from the district headquarters, Barnala, this city has numerous small temples based in multiple locations of the city,which provides it with the title of being the "Town of Temple." According to some the Ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib, once visited the city in his lifetime. This makes it a pious destination, more for the people of Sikh clan making it an important destination in the State.

History of Dhanaula

The city is said to be founded in 1718 by Gurditta, the eldest son of Taloka who was the Gursikh or the fully devoted Sikh disciple of Guru Arjan Dev, the Fifth Sikh Guru. Apart from having a religious significance, the city also gained its prominence having royal link to the Princely State of Nabha. As per the historians, Dhanaula served the as the capital of the Princely state of Nabha during the British Raj till 1766 after which Raja Hamir Singh of Nabha decided to shift the capital to Nabha town, founded by him, for better administration and progressive trade and commerce facility. A Fort built by Raja Hamir Singh in Dhanaula for excursions and administrative visit is still present in the city. The building has been renovated and at present it serves as the police station of Dhanaula city.

About Dhanaula

Geography of Dhanaula

Dhanaula cordinates at 30.28°North Latitude and 75.58°East Longitude. The average elevation of the town remains at 228 meters or 748 feet from the sea level. The city lies at fertile Malwa plains but has undulating hills on the north eastern part. Being in a semi arid condition, the soil of Dhanaula has a texture of sandy loam and it contains medium fertility. The city remains devoid of any major rivers but Dhanaula is based at a distance of 72 km on the left banks of Sirhand Canal. The Canal is known to provide irrigation facility to 7,00,000 hectares of land including the cultivable lands of Dhanaula, making the land arid and fit for agriculture. It is one of the major water resources of the city.
The city remains encircled by Bhikhi tehsil on the Southern side, Mehan Kalan tehsil covering the north, Sehna Tehsil on the west and Sherpur Tehsil on the eastern side. The city remains quite close to prominent villages of the district like Rajgarh at 6km, Fatehgarh Chana at 5kms, Bhai Gurdas Nagar at 4kms and the nearest Bhaini Jassa at 3kms only.

Climate of Dhanaula

Extreme weather conditions prevail in Dhanaula. The summers are extremely hot whereas winters are chilling cold. Dhanaula city experiences all four seasons in a year. Summer months stretches from March to June with temperature hovering around 45°C. Rainfall is quite minimal during summer months but it is characterized with hot sand storms on occasional times. Precipitation remains quite low in the area during April but with the change of weather by the end of July it increases drastically making it hugely humid. Monsoon stay till September where rainfall is average but temperature drops to 25°C. October and November are the pre winter or Autumn having the most pleasant weather in the whole year. The winter again is chilly and foggy with temperatures coming down to 5°C during the month of January which is the coldest month. The best time to visit Dhanaula is during the months of October and November when the temperature remains pleasant and suited for roaming.

Population of Dhanaula

As per the latest census 2011, Dhanaula Municipal Council holds a total population of 19,920 individuals. Of this total number of individuals around 10,521 are male persons whereas the rest 9399 individuals are females. The children population of the kids between 0-6 years of age remains around 2218 individuals which as per the calculations form 11.13% of the total crowd of Dhanaula.
The female sex ratio of the city remains at 893 against every 100 men, which is quite close to the state average of 895 female. However the girl child ratio is quite high in the city at 902 girls per 1000 boys against the state average of 846 girls. Though Dhanaula has presence of many religions and caste in the city but it is the Schedule Caste that comprises of 35.20% of the total population. However there is no Schedule tribe present in Dhanaula City. Literacy rate in the city is quite low at 70.48% which is even lower than the state average at 75.84%. It is a matter of concern which has been highlighted to the district administration to promote more education and specially girl education in this area. As per the latest census around 74.68% of males are literate whereas only 65.78% females are educated.
The native language of the area is Punjabi whereas people here can also speak Hindi and English.

Administration of Dhanaula

Administration of Dhanaula city stays in the expert hands of Municipal council for the day to day and basic requirements of the natives. The Municipal Council divides the city into 13 major wards and it caters to all the basic amenities of these wards. Election takes place in these wards after every 5 years. According to census 2011, there are 3878 houses under the Municipal Council office and the same remains responsible for providing safe drinking water, clean enviourment, vaccination and awareness on matters related to public health, keeping of records, issuing birth and death certificates, collection of taxes and many other activities in the area. Deputy Commissioners, Barnala takes care of the entire region and ensures implementation of rule of law in this part of Punjab.

Deputy Commissioners, Barnala
S. Gurlovleen Singh Sidhu, I.A.S.
Contact No:-01679-244360

Culture of Dhanaula

Profile of Dhanaula
Cultural Dance in Dhanaula

The natives of Dhanaula follow their age old traditions and have for their culture and customs . Though they acknowledge the benefits of modern lifestyle but at the same time take pride in their own rituals and beliefs. The attire of women here is majorly confined to Salwar Kameez whereas men prefer to wear Kurta Pyjama. Dupatta is a must for the women based here as they need to cover their heads with the piece of cloth which is mandatory customs here. The houses built here majorly have brick tiles or RCC roofs. The major festivals here include Gurupurab Festival, Baisakhi, Teeyan, Tikka, Dushera, Karwa chauth, Diwali Holla Mohalla and Lohri. The festivals are celebrated at the best with delicious recipes, traditional songs, folk dances and with full on entertainment. The contagious spirit of the people based here makes the festivals more splendid. A Hanuman Mela occurs here every Tuesday where large number of devotees from nearby villages gather to celebrate There are Gurudwaras and other Hindu temples in different parts of the city reflecting the secular outlook of the city.

Food in Dhanaula

Food preference for the natives in Dhanaula is nowhere different from other cities of Punjab. People here are all supreme food lovers and they consider spicy delicious cuisine as a mandatory part of merry making. There are both vegetarian and non vegetarian food lovers based here but vegetarian foods are more cooked in daily meals. The major ingredients of staple dishes in Dhanaula are onion, ginger, garlic, chilies and a lot of spices. Since there remains wide availability of paddy and wheat, this two are consumed as a staple food in Dhanaula. Some of the best restaurants in Dhanaula city are mentioned below.

Amrik Naan
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9417168596

Vip Pizza
Address: Dhanaula Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 1679-650888

Amrit Sweets
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9914010625

Bikaner Mishthan
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9915737966, 9592591356

Kalu Sweets
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9872402070

Dairy Firms in Dhanaula

Dairy business is a profitable business in Dhanaula. There are several dairy firms in the city which produces a lot of dairy products and supply the same in Dhanaula markets, near by villages and majorly sell in the popular markets of Barnala. By preference, the Punjabi’s are hugely fond of dairy food items and drinks so the demand is huge in this region. Some of the popular dairy firms here includes following.

Vikarm Dairy
Address: Sadar Bazar Bus Stand Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9464630005

Sh. Guru Ravidas Dairy
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9217927552

Gill Milk Store
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9217671947

Boota Singh Milk Dairy
Address: Village Dangarh,
Po- Dangarh, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9417502990

Bakery in Dhanaula

There is nothing more delicious than the versatile bakery foods that have been stealing our hearts for years. In Dhanaula, there are limited numbers of bakeries but they produce some of the best variety of crispy cookies and soft and spongy cakes which are supremely mouth melting. The bakeries based in Dhanaula supplies bakery products to all the shops in Dhanaula as well as the nearby villages.

Prince Bakery
Address: Bangehar Patti,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9872085747

Jindal Bakery House
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Market,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9417271128

Economy of Dhanaula

The economy of Dhanaula city is majorly focused on agricultural income since the maximum inhabitants of the city are engaged in the business of farming. The fertile alluvial plains, the sandy loam to heavy loam soils and the extensive water resources facilitating irrigation process contributes a lot towards the growth of cultivation in this city. Almost 90% of the land of the city forms a part of cultivable land in the city. The major crops produced here includes wheat, pulses, cotton, rapeseed-mustard and Paddy which is produced the most in quantity in this region. Jower, Bajra, Berseem, oats, Berseem, Makh Chari, cowpea, senji etc are also some of the cultivated crops in this city. Since traditional methods of farming is practiced here, production of crops are not as per the best capacity.
Horticulture crops are another mode of farming which is quite popular here. People grow a lot of vegetables and fruits and use the same for self consumption and sell the maximum in various markets of the city and the district headquarters Barnala. There are a lot of vegetables like potato, cauliflower, chilli, peas, tomato, bitter gourd etc which are grown here and among horticulture fruits there are grapes, peach, guava and ber.

Information about  Dhanaula
Agricultural Practices in Dhanaula

Livestock business is also quite popular mode of earning in this region. People prefer to keep livestock of cattle, crossbred cattle, buffaloes, goats, and sheep. The products from each of them are used to earn revenue. Dairy business is quite popular in this region with a number of dairy firms based in the city utilizing the milk products from cows and buffaloes. Also an animal fair is organized on 11th and 27th of every month where large number of animal trade and related business are done with traders coming from far away distances. The Poultry business also generates considerable income for the natives of Dhanaula city. Fishery business is done in a considerable low form in this area though there is scope of progress in this genre since many families own ponds here.

Industries are quite less in this city. Though textile businesses are present but there is no big scale industrial house within the city to support it. Apart from this the city has small service companies which operate in the area. There is absolutely no large scale or medium scale industries here. The major constraints in this regard are insufficient transport facility, less electricity supply and less number of skilled labor force to match the need of big industries.

Healthcare Services in Dhanaula

Dhanaula has a comprehensive healthcare management which includes several health care units across the city. The city does not have any Government hospital and the nearest hospital treating major problems is Barnala District Hospital which is based at a distance of 12km from the heart of the town. The healthcare units based in Dhanaula have efficient doctors and medical staff to treat all kinds of health problems and diseases. For the financially weak patients there are arrangements of free treatment and medicines. The health care units or the Primary Health care centers are based in Hamidi, Sekha, Bhatian and Rureke Kalan. There is a community Health Centre also present in Dhanaula city helping the ill patients of the area. Apart from the Government health units, the city also have private Nursing homes where treatment is comparatively costly but there are facilities and equipment to treat major health issues. The Nursing Home has qualified doctors visiting the centre and experienced medical staff to support.

Raj Nursing Home
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9872504638

Specialty Hospital in Dhanaula

Dhanaula city has also establishment of a renowned mental hospital where there are sufficient number of patients getting treated. The hospital has detail infrastructure and active support of the Government in terms of facilities.

Bansal Hospital

Address: Sadar Bazar
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 1679 263433

Pathology Labs in Dhanaula

Pathology Labs are an important part of good medical infrastructure. In a word it is the Backbone of medical science and it helps the doctors in reaching their conclusion in a better, correct and faster way. Treatment becomes accurate and recovery is faster, Hence the primary preference for every doctor is the laboratory tests to determine the nature and stage of any health issue. In Dhanaula there are very limited resources in this regards with only one in the city. Apart from this one can also travel to Barnala to do the same since there are branded private testing centers as well as hospitals too for conducting the activity.

Patiala Computer Laboratory
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9878671633

Ayurvedic Clinics in Dhanaula

Just like allopathic treatment, the preference for alternate medicine is also a lot among the natives of Dhanaula. Though the benefits are not quick but with patience the same effect can be achieved without much hassle, less cost and nil side effects. Considering this people here are slowly getting inclined to this form of treatment and to cater this demand there are exclusive Ayurvedic Clinics based in multiple locations of the city.

Ayurvedic Davaiyan (Desi Davaiyan) Shop
Address: Shana Bhaini Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9876445784

Prince Medical Store
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9988772275

Chemists in Dhanaula

Medical treatment is not possible without medicines. Quality and branded medicines are the pillar of medical treatment and in Dhanaula the same is provided by few exclusive chemist shops located in the popular localities of the city. The chemist shops in Dhanaula have extensive stocks to cater all medical emergencies and they provide discounts in major bills too. The medicine shops not only keep branded medicines but have stocks of various medical equipments too.

Ambala Medical Store
Address: Dhanaula Bus Stand
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9417452387

Shiva Medicos
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9876220099

Whatever medicines are not found in these stores can be fetched from Barnala city medicine shops.

Utilities Services in Dhanaula

Utilities Services in Dhanaula
Utility Services

A society becomes habitable only with the availability of a range of services. Dhanaula city in this regards is excellently supported by a wide range of services that makes the lives of the natives easy and hassle free. There are considerable numbers of services available in Dhanaula city which includes banking services, postal services, security services, medical services and many others.

Postal Services in Dhanaula

Postal services is an important requirement in every city. Postal communication helps in transferring documents from one place to another and with the widest network of Indian Postal service it is an extremely easy task to reach the impossible interior locations. The pin code for Dhanaula is 148105 and there are 10 post offices based under this pin code. The post offices deal with all kinds of delivery works and few have investment options too. Almost all the post offices under this pincode are Branch post office except Dhanaula Post Office which is a sub office only.

Dhanaula Post Office
Status: Sub Post Office(delivery)
Name of Taluk: Barnala
Head Office: Sangrur HO
Address: The Postmaster, Dhanaula Post Office
Dhanuala, District: Barnala Punjab 148105
Phone: 1679 263430

Banking services in Dhanaula

Banks are the most crucial institutions that contribute hugely to the economical progress of the area. In Dhanaula there are sufficient availability of banking services since there are operations of both private and public sector banking organizations. These country famous banking companies have their branches in the city with all modern banking facilities that may help the natives to grow financially. The branches have core banking facility, RTGS, NEFT and online transfer facility, ATM functions and many others.

Oriental Bank Of Commerce (OBC)
Dhanaula Branch
IFSC Code: Orbc0100798
MICR Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 100798
Address: Barnal Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 01679 264353

Punjab National Bank (PNB)
Dhanaula Branch
IFSC Code: Punb0061100
MICR Code: 148024055
Branch Code:061100
Address: Vill And Po Dhanaula
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 1679 263448

State Bank Of India (SBI)
Dhanaula Branch
IFSC Code: Sbin0002333
MICR Code: 148002131
Branch Code: 002333
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 1679 263427

State Bank Of Patiala (SBP)
Dhanaula Branch
IFSC Code: Stbp0000605
MICR Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 000605
Address: Vill Dhanaula, Main Chowk
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 1679 263515

Dhanaula Branch
IFSC Code: Hdfc0002891
MICR Code: 148240055
Branch Code: 002891
Address: Opp. Obc Bank, Barnala Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9815331111

Security Services in Dhanaula

When it comes to necessary services one that ranks top is the security services. In Dhanaula the security of the area is maintained by the supreme efforts of the officers of Dhanaula Police station operating under Barnala Police Division of Punjab Police Department. The responsibility of the Dhanaula Police Officers include maintaining law and order in the area, protect public property, ensure less criminal activities so that people remains safe and secure here. There are exclusive help lines where one can lodge any social discrepancy for immediate actions.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Barnala
Sh.Opinderjit Singh Ghuman, PPS,Barnala.
Emergency Number 100: Barnala Police Help Lines
(01679) 230100,230683, 98724-56138

SHO Dhanaula
Phone: 75081 79016

MHC Dhanaula
Phone: 85588 32254
Dhanaula Police Station
Phone: 1679 263423
E mail-id:

Gas Connection in Dhanaula

Usage of cooking gas is a common practice in today’s date and the residents of Dhanaula also prefers the same as they acknowledge the benefits of using the same. Though there are various private gas agencies in Barnala with operations in Dhanaula, the city itself has only one Gas agency providing the services throughout the city. Bharat Gas has their agency in Dhanaula and they provide both new connection as well as refilling of cylinders.

D. S. Agro Industries (Dealer of Bharat Gas)
Address: Barnala Road Opp. Gurudawara Gurusir,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9417507880

Petrol Pumps in Dhanaula

Filling Stations are an important resource for growth of trade and commerce because it supports transport system in the area which in turn influences the business of the city. In Dhanaula there are few stations of Hindustan Petroleum in Sangrur Patran Road to support the vehicles of the city and the nearby areas. The Petrol pumps are reputed stations with options of other car related services too.

Bansal HP Centre
Address: Sangrur Patran Road, Vill- Dhandauli
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9876439447, 9815605257

Mohan LAL HP Centre
Address: Nh-64,Sangrur Bhatinda Road, Vill-Dhanaula Kalan,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9463216499

Real Estate Agents in Dhanaula

Real Estate business has been a profitable venture in every part of the world. In Dhanaula also there is a constant demand of good properties both in commercial and residential genre. There are people who prefer to invest in properties for more financial benefits. In this regards it is the Real Estate Agents who have the maximum knowledge in this context and they guide regarding the best deal.

Barnala Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd
Address: Aastha Enclave Office, Dhanaula Rd,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9878300256, 9888545056

Dhanaula Builders
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9657155434

Photo Studios in Dhanaula

In Dhanaula there are some of the best equipped photo studios in various parts of the city. The Photo Studios have excellent arrangements to support digital photography and photo edit of various types. There are skilled professionals in every studio which helps in availing the best photographs for every purpose.

Royal Digital Studio
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Market,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9872350287

Mittal Studio
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9876350181, 9041580181

Goyal Studio
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9872718260

Mobile Phone Services and Repair in Dhanaula

Being an important accessory, mobile phones needs proper servicing and repairing in case of any problem with the device. In Dhanaula to cater this requirement there are several reputed and well equipped mobile service and repair stores at various popular localities of the city. The repair shops have expert technicians which can solve almost all kinds of issues and can do the same on mobiles of different make.

Jimmi Telecom
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9855762800

Manu Mobile Repair
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9878664227

K S Telecom
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9872735081

Rajan Telecom
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9417807245

Bansal Telecom
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9988438413

Sodhi Mobile Repair And Light And D J Sound
Address: Near Gurudwara Ramsar , Shana Bhaini Road,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9872498879, 9876965628

Shiv Telecom
Address: Gurudwara Ramsar Market
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9815177826

In a nutshell the city has availability of almost all necessary services that are required as basic facilities. Apart from the mentioned one there are other services like insurance services, pan card agents etc for the benefit of the customers

Telecom Services in Dhanaula

Both telecommunication and Broadband services are important for a progressive city. In Dhanaula both the services are available from multiple service providers operating in this area . The most popular service provider in this case is BSNL services whose call services where present in Dhanaula for long but has recently introduced the broadband services for the natives here. The city has a customer care center to cater all kinds of enquiries, complains and issues in the service area. Apart from this there are private companies like Reliance, Idea, Vodafone and Airtel which have its services in this area. They provide cheap call rates and various packages in this location to attract customers.

Tourism in Dhanaula

Dhanaula has sufficient number of attractions considering the historical and religious link it already have. The city is known as the Town of Temples especially for its various divine shrines present in various localities of the city. There are various Hindu Mandirs as well as two famous Gurudwaras present in this location, Gurudwara Pathsahi Nauvin and Gurudwara Ramsar Sahib. Among them. Gurudwara Pathsahi Nauvin is quite famous among the devotees since according to historical facts conveyed by the natives, the Nineth Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib visited this place in Dhanaula once in his lifetime.

Apart from this another spectacle of Dhanaula is the fort constructed by Nabha King, Raja Hamir Singh which is still present today. Though one part of the fort is used as Police station today, the rest can be visited as a tourist spot and see the remnants of the classic fort. There is a Hanuman temple in this location which according to the town mates was found by a man who was digging a ditch but on his work he found a Hanuman Idol and he constructed a Hanuman temple here. However after sightseeing in Dhanaula one can explore various other popular destinations located close by like Sangrur at 35 kms , Mansa at 50 kms, Bhatinda at 67 kms, Moga at 66 and Ludhiana at 72 kms. There remains an array of beautiful sightseeing destinations in these famous tourist spots which can be a simple getaway from Dhanaula in a weekend trip.

Travel Agents in Dhanaula

Travel Agents are an one stop service for good and planned travelling. In Dhanaula there are only two promising travel agents based at the heart of the city with facility of all kinds of services. They have wide network to arrange all kinds of requisites and help in comfortable travelling. The details of these agents are mentioned below for reference.

Amarjeet Tour & Travels
Address: Saharia Patti,
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9815507345, 8968323593

Sharma Tours & Travels
Address: Booth No-47-48, New Bus Stand Market
Po- Dhanaula, District: Barnala, Punjab -148105
Phone: 9815760180

Transport in Dhanaula

Dhanaula city has excellent transport arrangements as it can be reached through almost all modes of transport. Lying on Sangrur Barnala Road, Dhanaula remains well connected with a lot of nearby destinations through roadways. There are city buses travelling in these routes connecting popular locations like Barnal, Sangrur, Dhuri, Raikot, Mehal Kalan, Sherpur etc. There are both Government and private buses in this area to connect major cities. The nearest airport to Dhanaula is Chandigarh Airport which is based at a distance of 146 kms if traveled by NH 64. Chandigarh Airport has both domestic and International terminals the reason there remains connectivity with various places within the country and abroad.

Transport in Dhanaula
Punjab Roadways Buses

The distance to Chandigarh airport can be traveled by private taxis or buses running in this route. However Ludhiana airport also is close to Dhanaula at a distance of 95.7 kms but the number of flights available here is less in comparison to Chandigarh airport. The nearest railway station to Dhanaula is Barnala Railway station located at a distance of 12.6 km from the heart of the city. The distance can be traveled by local buses through NH 71 and Pakka College Road in less than 20 mins. Barnala Railway station has sufficient number of trains travelling through it connecting stations like Bhatinda, Ambala, Ganganagar, Nanded, Haridwar, Barmer, Delhi, Rishikesh etc. Other railway stations like Hadiaya Railway station, Sekha Railway station and Ghunas railway station also are based close by .

In a nutshell it can be stated that Dhanaula is a prospective city with immense scope in fields of business and trade, revenue generation, education, tourism and social upliftment. The district administration however is conscious of the prospects and they are taking essential initiatives and are hopeful for a brighter future for the city.

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